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The Story of Kayse Alexander Cormier

Super Kayse was born on September 29, 2015 normal and healthy. 3 weeks later he went into heart failure. Kayse was rushed to a local hospital where he was stabilized and transported to a local children’s hospitals then airlifted to a regional children’s cardiac hospital within 8 hours.

Kayse was suffering with Coarctation of the Aorta – Ductal Coarctation, Aortic Stenosis and VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect). Coarctation of the Aorta is a narrowing within a main artery coming from the heart. This narrowing stopped blood flow to areas of the body like the lungs. VSD is a hole between the left and right ventricle. This hole is big enough to cause major issues so a patch has to be placed in his heart to create a wall.

Kayse underwent his first surgery in October to correct the Coarctation. A band was placed around the heart to control blood flow until the VSD surgery would take place months later.

February 22, 2016, Kayse had his 3rd surgery to repair the VSD. This entailed open heart surgery and the band previously placed was removed.

We, Curt & Renee, sit here every day humbled by the precious care the Doctors and Nurses have given our baby. Not having to ever deal with anything like this before we were amazed how our baby’s care and condition was handled. Not only were we informed every step of the way, we were reassured. Our baby was in the best hands and care in the world. From this moment on we knew we needed to step up and be a part of what is going on in Heart Disease. Be there for others that have to go through this, share our son’s story to give hope to others. Miracles happen every day, most happen at these great institutions. God places his hands everywhere, he placed them on our son and all of the gracious people that helped our son during this time.

My son is my Why! God bless.
Curt Cormier & Renee Abshire


The Benefit

Benefit day is May 7th, 2016 in Lake Arthur, LA

Entertainment Lineup: We are preparing a great line up with artist like August Broussard, Ronnie Matthews, Brenda Courville, Muzic Unlimited and more! The Entertainment Schedule will be release soon.

Live Auction Time: TBA

Activities for Children: Fun Jumps

Food & Drinks: Jambalaya and more to come


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Super Kayse 2016 Volunteer Form

This form is for anyone who wants to volunteer for the Super Kayse Benefit & Race in Beautiful Lake Arthur on May 7, 2016! There are many areas you can help: Auctions, Food Booths, Course Directors, Clean-up, Entertainment, Drink Booth and much more. Anyone can volunteer, just fill out the form below and a member of Team Kayse will contact you.

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Super Kayse 2016 Donor/Sponsor Form
This form is for companies and organizations that are interested in becoming a Super Kayse 2016 Donor or Sponsor.

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Event Location: Lake Arthur Park 102 Arthur Ave. Lake Arthur, LA 70549

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